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“Wisdom begins in wonder!” -Socrates

I have always been attracted to the arts. Music, Dance, Theater, Art…..I’ve done it all. Some on a professional level; some just for fun but all gave me the most amazing feeling of joy.

I enjoy the process and experience of different mediums through touch, movement, using various tools, thinking, envisioning, feeling and sensing the mystery of spirit. I explore, create & communicate through texture, pattern & composition. I have always been fascinated by what happens when glazes of color and/or textured media are built up.

The wonder of color is a “constant” for me and I take delight in mixing, blending, and shaping glazes on the painting surface. I have found the process to include broad brush strokes and light pen marks of daring and deliberate, delicate touches and feverish fury to characterize many things about my life and the people who have touched it.

My greatest hope is that people are touched by a sense of vivid color (in my paintings) and held by a sense of peace (in my drawings) allowing them to leave the experience of viewing my art with rejuvenation or provoking thought.

I find it gratifying to be able to create art which is a “gateway” or “pause” for people to undergo much the same experience when I am creating them. Thank you for being generous enough to travel with me to another place as you view my work.

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Name:?Kaitlyn Mooney

Location:?Nashville, TN

Specializing in Acrylic, Pour Painting & Multi-Media

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